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Traffic Calming and Speed Restrictions needed in Bohola and Straide Village - Ruane

Published: 22 April, 2014

Sinn Féin Councillor Thérèse Ruane is appealing for traffic calming and special speed restrictions to be introduced in Bohola Village, situated on the N5 National Primary Route. Following representation from residents of the village and surrounding area, she is calling for a 60 km/h speed limit as well as a right hand turning lane to be put in place at the junction for the National School and Barleyhill Court housing estate. Cllr. Ruane is also calling for traffic calming and speed restrictions in the village of Straide which is located on a National Secondary route, another village that falls victim to cars speeding by and putting people's safety at risk. Cllr. Ruane said: "Bohola is situated on a National Primary Route and motorists speed by the village. People's safety is being put at risk. Speed restrictions and traffic calming are needed to protect the local community and make Bohola a safer place for everyone. It's a similar story in Straide; cars speed through the village and it's high time that something was done about it to make both Bohola and Straide safer places for the local community. I also believe that a similar case could be made for Breaffy and Parke Village. "I welcome the recent moves by Minister Varadkar to accept recommendations from an expert group which gives motorists a role and voice in how speed limits are set. It's also very welcome that signs advertising the 80 km/h speed limit will be removed from narrow county roads and replaced by the old system of signage known as the 'rural speed limit' which will be a sign with a black circle and a diagonal line. Many of our country roads in Mayo and rural Ireland are in bad condition and unsafe. These are positive moves but I'm calling for the voice of local communities be listened to now and that speed restrictions are put in place in Bohola and Straide villages. I will be following up with Mayo County Council, National Roads Authority and Road Safety Authority in relation to speed restrictions, additional lanes and traffic calming measures in these villages.