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Crisis in our Hospitals

Published: 8 January, 2015

Mayo Fianna Fail must join with Fine Gael in accepting responsibility for the Health Crisis - Conway-Walsh Fianna Fail in Mayo cannot hide from the fact that the closure of beds in District Hospitals in Belmullet, Ballina and Swinford and the drastic cuts to home-help hours and other community health services was carried out with their instructions and is now causing chaos. Speaking as 36 patients lie on trolleys in Mayo General Hospital and hundreds of ill patients languish on waiting lists for life-saving treatment, Cllr. Conway-Walsh said: "The insistence of Fianna Fail in cutting half the beds in Belmullet Hospital and taking more than 32,000 hours from the elderly and disabled in Mayo is now coming home to roost. I can no longer stand by and listen to the Fianna Fail pretending they are concerned about the Healthcare crisis they planned and implemented." "I, with the Belmullet Hospital Action Group and the Erris Home Help Action Group begged Fianna Fail and senior management within the HSE not to take away our services. We clearly and consistently told them that one of the major impacts of not having step-down facilities in local areas would lead to patients having to be accommodated in Mayo General Hospital. Public meetings and petitions were organized throughout the county to try to protect these services but no one listened. Those Fine Gael TD's who expressed their outrage at the cuts before they were elected just continued on the same path of devastation. HSE workers who supported the campaign to keep the beds open and stop cuts to services were subtly alienated by senior management. I commend those workers for standing up for their communities." "I am asking the Government to please listen now. Apologise to the people of this county for failing to provide adequate health care, reinstate the closed beds and local services and lift the moratorium on the recruitment of front line staff. Otherwise, do the decent thing, call a General Election and let the people decide."